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Trapezoidal Gabions


Formed from wire grid and welded at the intersections to give dimensionally stable mesh panels.

The trapezoidal gabion box is based on the Gabion 27 System and is formed by hinging the face and back panels to the base panel and the lid to the rear panel with C rings or clips. The unit is provided with preformed frames of the required shape that are fitted in the factory to the base panel and/or supplied loose for fixing on site.

On site, vertical joints are helicalled (supplied as standard) and horizontal joints are continuously laced (wire supplied as standard) or can be clipped with 'C' rings (supplied at additional cost).

To close the ends of a run of units, special bespoke trapezoidal gabion panels to the required shape are supplied and fitted on site.

The units are transported to site flat packed for assembly on site.

Once erected, the gabions are filled with stone or rock and the lid secured to form a monolithic structure.

What are Gabions ?

Gabions are wire mesh boxes, containers or baskets filled with rock to prevent soil erosion and to retain/contain soil particles. They reduce water velocities and re-capture river bed sediment in streams. Flat Gabions, called River or Reno Mattresses are widely used in river courses where soil erosion is a problem over a wide flat area and a large area needs to be protected against soil loss/scour. They are used mostly in the civil engineering industry especially in the construction of roads, however recently due to their environmental benefits are being used in many various applications and industries.

They were even recently used to contain chickens for transportion in the back of a vehicle to the reseller with suprising success !

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